Professional Development Days

Tool Based Presentations (1 hour PD)

  • G-Suite for EDU 101
  • Empowering S voice through Podcast

  • Video Creation from Storyboarding to Video Production

  • Teaching in a 1:1 classroom

  • Moving Assessment further through Student creation

  • Questioning Techniques to create S centered learning environment


Workshops (3 hour)

  • Unit Planning in a PBA classroom

  • Engaging the media first brain in a text based learning environment

  • Empowering S voice: Podcasting, Video Production, and blogging






On-Site Consulting

Single Day

PBA 101:  

  • Introduction/keynote

  • Unit Planning in a PBA classroom

    • Driving Qs

    • Inputs/Outputs

    • Authentic Audience

  • Technology in a PBA Classroom

    • G-Suite for EDU 101

    • Teaching in a 1:1 classroom


Multiple Day (Periodically over time Decided on based on individual school/district need)

Single Day focus combined with ongoing training, classroom observation, and learning in a consistent cohort over the course of a semester.

Day 1: PBA 101

Ensuing Days:

  • Check in/Debrief (site based focus)

  • Hands on work time (unit planning work)

  • Classroom visit

  • Debrief

  • Plan Moving forward

  • Hands on work time with support