Episode 3.6: If I Thought My Stomach Could Handle it, I’d Go To Space

In this episode of the Project Based Awesome Podcast, Chris is joined by Collin Gibbs. Collin is a social studies teacher that I had a chance to work with the last year and a half as a coach in his class. He has embraced instructional technology, project based learning, and has jumped in to a district cohort of teachers as a model classroom.




Until next time...peace.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:


  • Personal Anecdotes (1:15)

  • How does the proper use of instructional technology lends itself to your classroom and student learning? (9:55)

  • How does Project Based Learning fit into your classes? (17:00)

  • What cool things do you have going on in your classes? (25:38)

  • Where  you see education moving in the future? (29:20)


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