Episode 3.8: Troy Cockrum & Team Erin or Team Chris

In this episode of the Project Based Awesome Podcast, We welcome Troy Cockrum. Troy is an instructional technology director in Indiana, a speaker, a Google Certified Innovator, and an author with a new book coming out.


Until next time...peace.

Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Updates on all things PBA (1:02)

  • Table Talks (4:22)

  • Troy Cockrum interview

    • How did you get into teaching? What’s your background? (7:42)

    • PBA is based around 3 pillars: PBL, Instructional Technology, and just great teaching strategies...What are some your “pillars” of education? (13;08)

    • You’re a Google Certified Innovator...how does that fit with what you do? (15:24)

    • If you could give one piece of advice to teachers or coaches wanting to move into using instructional tech...what would it be? (20:08)

    • Learning is social (21:57)

    • New Book...Firefly Classrooms (23:44)

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