Episode 3.5: Interview With the One and Only Tisha Richmond

In this episode of the Project Based Awesome Podcast, Erin and Chris are lucky enough to be joined by the one and only Tisha Richmond. Tisha is a Culinary Arts teacher at  South Medford school district and is a gamification guru, speaker, and just a really inspiring educator. We’re stoked to have her on the pod with us this week.




Until next time...peace.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:


  • Personal Anecdotes: What could be done to make school a better place? (2:00)

  • How did you get into teaching? Background? (8:53)

  • What are some “pillars” of your teaching and classroom? (16:13)

  • Talk about gamification and how that works in your classroom (20:09)

  • How do you think gamification/PBL tie together? (27:45)

  • Where do you see education moving in the future? (35:58)

  • What do you have coming up? (37:47)


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