Episode 2.2: I Was Like A...What Turns Into a Butterfly? Caterpillar. That’s the One.

In this episode, Erin and Chris beginning of school routines, setting norms, and foibles. They dive into everything from how to handle that first week of school when things go haywire to setting beginning of class period routines, establishing workflow, and how to begin to establish a culture of student participation and sharing.

Erin talks at length about her first week back in class and some struggles she’s dealing with in setting up the flow of her class.

They also discuss the importance of icebreakers as a way to get to know your students and for them to get to know each others.

They wrap up with some mistakes (foibles) they have made...Chris specifically...in his past as a teacher and lessons learned from those.

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Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: (1:00)

  • Setting expectations for class flow, first 5 minutes of class, etc. (7:12)

  • Routines for student participation - talking with partners, small groups, sharing out, etc. (16:20)

  • Physical set-up (23:40)

  • Icebreakers (27:28)

  • Different routines in different settings (33:00)

  • The don’ts of school routines (42:58)


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