Episode 2.4: ...And There Were Some Exciting Stories He Had To Regale Us With

Last week, in the Project Based Awesome Podcast, Erin and Chris continued to discuss grades and their role in education and how they fit with the ethos of Project Based Awesome.

This week, Erin and Chris talk about how to set up a gradebook to work with Project Based Awesome. They focus on a couple of options that work well with PBA: setting up weighted categories for formative and summative assessment or only including summative assessments in the gradebook. They also discuss the benefits of changing from a “traditional” 100 point scoring scale to a 4 point scale. They wrap up the discussion by talking about a one column rubric and the benefits of using that type of rubric and how it ties with standards based grading and PBA.


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Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal anecdotes (00:58)

  • Options for setting up a gradebook introduction (6:08)

  • Two categories: formative and summative (8:37)

  • Only summative  (15:00)

  • Multiple “scores” (data points) for each summative assessment (18:44)

  • 4-point scale equated to letter grades (23:11)

  • Single-column rubric, measuring multiple standards; “meeting” standard usually equates to a (Credit: Jennifer Gonzalez - Cult of Pedagogy) (27:03)

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Single column rubric examples

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