Episode 1.11: She’s A Beaut. She’s A Real Beaut.

In episode #11 Erin and Chris wrap up season one of the Project Based Awesome Podcast and put a pretty, little bow on it.


 Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: Whatcha doin’ this summer?

Season episode recap

  • Episode 1: Overview of PBA

  • Episode 2: Surviving and Thriving

  • Episode 3: Going 1:1

  • Episode 4: Personalized Learning

  • Episode 5: Driving Questions

  • Episode 6: Inputs & Outputs

  • Episode 7: Real-World Task & Audience

  • Episode 8: The Process of PBA

  • Episode 9: Technology Integration

  • Episode 10: Standards, Rubrics, and Assessment

Looking ahead

  • E-book: Date TBD (hopefully summer-ish)

  • Season 2 of the pod

  • We’re gonna keep writing this blog

 Until next time...peace.

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