Episode 1.7: Man, 16 Year Olds Love to Argue

In episode #7 of Project Based Awesome Erin and Chris discuss  the how(s) and why(s) of trying to incorporate authentic, real world outcomes and a real audience.

They discuss how incorporating more authentic learning experiences and a real audience into your classroom it creates

  • More buy-in on the part of the Ss - Students are wondering how your content/skills are relevant to their lives - show them.
  • A chance for Ss to experience what the workforce may be like after school - and isn’t that kinda why we’re here, in a way?

Erin and Chris also share some specific examples of authentic tasks and real world audiences from their work in the classroom.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: Movies we should have seen but haven't (00:38)
  • Introducing the idea of authentic, real-world tasks, finding an audience more than just the teacher and why it works (7:00)
  • Examples of real-world tasks/audiences and some specific techniques to use these in class (16:50)


Until next time...peace.

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