Episode 1.10: What’s Like The Suckiest Thing I Can Imagine A Student Producing?

In episode #10 Erin and Chris are digging into assessment. Standards, rubrics, formative vs. summative and other awesome things.

They discuss the common core state standards and how at first glance they can seem daunting, but with a little work, they can be adapted into student friendly, usable by both students and teachers, as power standards. They touch on the importance of transparency in the use of standards and rubrics and the value of student self-evaluation in the assessment process.

After discussing standards, Erin and Chris dive into how to create great rubrics based on standards that offer both feedback and a growth model for the students. One specific type of rubric they refer to is the single-point rubric that they learned from Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy.

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 Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: What’d you do last week? (00:30)

  • Digging deep into Assessment (8:06)

  • Let’s talk standards (9:54)

  • Narrowing down the standards (12:00)

  • Students need to see and be able to use the standards (17:55)

  • Let’s talk rubrics (21:27)

  • Let’s back-up...what is a rubric? (24:36)

  • This is the Single-Point Rubric (Jennifer Gonzalez: Cult of Pedagogy) (28:55)

  • John Hattie’s meta-research (37:14)

  • Self-Evaluation (40:38)

 Until next time...peace.

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ELA Assessment Standards (simplified)
Fahrenheit 451 Final Project Rubric

Podcast Rubric

Cult of Pedagogy - Jennifer Gonzalez

John Hattie - Visible Learning

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