Episode 1.9: I Was Really Hoping You Were Gonna Go Princess Bride On That One

In episode #9

This week, Erin and Chris talk about how technology figures into a PBA unit. They discuss how students having access to technology in a classroom changes the way learning happens. They dig into daily routines in 1:1 settings, specific ways technology can be used by students, the importance of flexibility, a couple specific models that have been used in integrating instructional technology into a classroom setting, and how integrating technology in the right way should transform your teaching and student learning.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: Where’d you go to college? (00:40)

  • Use an LMS (5:20)

  • The importance of daily routines (13:40)

  • Google extensions (22:15)

  • Be flexible (25:42)

  • Having access to tech/interwebs can (should?) change the way you teach (27:14)

  • Having access to tech doesn’t discount good teaching (41:06)

Until next time...peace.

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