Episode 1.8: It’s the Book With The Boys on the Island... Everyone Knows That Book

In episode #8 of Project Based Awesome, Erin and Chris discuss the process of Project Based Awesome. We’re taking a deep dive into the process of this thing we call Project Based Awesome, from planning to day-to-day implementation to final outcome. These are the three main parts of the process of putting together a unit based on the idea of unit planning with this thing we call Project Based Awesome. We go into detail, giving specific ideas and examples based around planning, day-to-day implementation, and the final outcome of a Project Based Awesome unit.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: First Jobs (1:01)

  • Deep dive into the process of PBA (6:29)

  • Planning (7:16)

    • Driving Question

    • Creating a calendar - click here to check out a working version of the unit plan (with calendar) that we created for To Kill a Mockingbird

    • Gathering resources

    • What outcomes and why?

    • Create a unit plan for students that includes calendar, inputs/outputs, weekly tasks, basic description of final outcome, etc.

  • Day to day implementation (19:35)

    • Launch Day - teaser/hook, unit plan, start the work

    • Weekly “targets” or questions or themes

    • Weekly discussions/debates/etc.

    • Self paced: Often, not one specific outcome all Ss get to at same time

    • Daily routine

    • Daily checks (formative) exit passes, quick writes, etc.

    • Embracing the process rather than being caught up in points

      • Learning is the purpose - both teachers and students need to move into this way of thinking

      • Why are we scoring students for everything they do, every single day? [Insert sports/music/drama metaphor here] Why shouldn’t academic classes be about process as well?

      • Points are limiting for students and teachers - teachers get caught up having to grade everything

  • Final Outcome (40:47)

    • Authentic

    • Shareable: Teacher, fellow Ss, other classes, the world

    • 2 final outcomes: collaborative & individual

    • Reflection


Until next time...peace.

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