Episode 1.3: From Thereafter, I Was Ogybuns

In Episode 3 of Project Based Awesome, Erin and Chris discuss what 1 to 1 is all about.

We start the episode by explaining what exactly 1 to 1 means in a school setting, realizing that not everyone listening to the podcast will be familiar with the term. After explaining what 1 to 1 means, each of us discusses our personal experiences with going 1 to 1 in our classes. We discuss our progression, LMS’s, and the transformational qualities of going 1 to 1 for both teachers and students.

Chris’ discussion is based around how his class was transformed with technology. He touches on how he and his students adopted the mantra of “embrace the process” and what that meant to them.

Erin goes into detail related to her experience going 1 to 1 in her classes and talks about the logistics of having a device in each of her students’ hands.

Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Even more personal anecdotes. (0:58)

  • What exactly is this 1 to 1 thing you speak of? (4:40)

  • “If a teacher can be replaced by Google, they probably should be.” (8:51)

  • Erin has an epiphany. (10:16)

  • The transformational quality, making mistakes, and embracing the process. (11:10)

  • Erin’s 1 to 1 experience and the logistics of having a device in every student’s hands (13:58)

  • What Chris is seeing in his role as an Educational Technology Instructional Coach. (26:35)

  • Teachers need training when a district is moving to a 1 to 1 model. (31:07)

  • A quick glimpse on equity vs. fairness... and homework vs. no homework. (32:31)

Until next time...peace.


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