Episode 1.6: We Want to Marinate Students in a Rich Stew of Information

In episode #6 of Project Based Awesome Erin and Chris explain the idea behind inputs and outputs and how they are related to this curriculum design idea called Project Based Awesome. Erin and Chris describe what inputs and outputs are and how they were able to use these key concepts to marinate their students in a rich stew of information. They take you into the classroom where the planning process occurred and give some specific examples of inputs and outputs in literature based and non-literature based units.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal Anecdotes: favorite destinations (1:03)

  • Recap of last weeks pod: Driving Questions (6:16)

  • What exactly do we mean by Inputs in relation to Project Based Awesome? (7:20)

  • What do we mean by Outputs in relation to Project Based Awesome? (10:48)

  • Taking you into the room where the process the planning looks like: The whiteboard moment (12:40)

  • Making the connection between relationships between the Inputs & Outputs  (16:07)

  • What happens if you have a unit that is not based around a piece of literature? (21:06)

Until next time...peace.

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