Episode 1.4: Look, This Kid Wrote a Rap and This Kid Crocheted a Blanket

In Episode 4 of Project Based Awesome, Erin and Chris discuss Personalized Learning.

This episode of Project Based Awesome Podcast centers around the idea of personalized learning. Personalized learning is one of the new buzzwords being bandied about in education circles these days. But what exactly is personalized learning? What’s the difference between personalized learning and personal learning? Is personalized learning really something I should strive for as a teacher and for my students, or is it just another idea that will come and go in education?

Erin leads the discussion in this episode as she and Chris explore these questions, how Project Based Awesome ties in with personalized learning, and more. Enjoy.

Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Desert island albums (0:44)

  • What is Personalized Learning vs Personal Learning? (7:07)

  • Educational Leadership Magazine focuses on Personalized learning in latest issue (10:58)

  • Examples of Personalized Learning  vs. Personal Learning (12:14)

  • Limitations of Personalized Learning (18:34)

  • Cliffs Notes version: tips to start moving teaching towards personalized learning (25:42)

  • Can I write a rap or crochet a blanket to show my learning? (29:45)

  • Let’s put a pretty, pretty bow on it. (32:47)


Until next time...peace.


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