Episode 1.2: I'm Not Hip to the Cool Things Anymore

In Episode 2 of Project Based Awesome,  Erin and Chris share their thoughts on how to not only survive but thrive in a setting that may not be the most progressive-thinking in its views of what teaching and learning could and should look like.

Structure and traditionalism is not necessarily a bad thing - in fact, it can be a really great thing in schools, but...teachers are generally creative by nature, and with prescribed curriculum, a lack of colleagues that value non-traditional teaching and learning, or lack of support to be creative, that creativity can be stifled. This can be frustrating for teachers and for students.  We’ve been there. We’ve experienced both sides of the coin in different schools. So, if you are a teacher in a setting like this that wants to embrace Project Based Awesome and create student choice and voice, this podcast will give you some ideas of our experiences and some tools to help you handle yourself with your parents, colleagues, administration, and students.

Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • More personal anecdotes. (0:58)

  • Chris's personal story about working in a traditional setting. (5:11)

  • A view from the students' side of things. (12:15)

  • Erin tells us a little story. “COMA” (19:26)

  • Tips and tricks to help you survive and thrive: Flexibility, Networking, Success & Failure (21:40)

    • Flexibility (22:10)

    • Networking (28:00)

    • Success & Failure (35:23)


Until next time...peace.


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