Episode 2.11: Cuz, You Know, We Don’t Like To Talk. Well...Some Of Us Don’t

In this episode of the Project Based Awesome Podcast, Erin and Chris wrap up season 2 of the Project Based Awesome Podcast and give some highlights of things to come.


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Until next time...peace.


Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal anecdotes (1:00)

  • 2.1: Welcome back and shoot the breeze. (8:22)

  • 2.2: Start of the Year Routines (9:40)

  • 2.3. (parts 1 & 2) What is the purpose of grades? (10:13)

  • 2.4: Setting up a gradebook PBA style (11:30)

  • 2.5: A play-by-play of a pivot Erin made, mid-week and mid-unit and mid-lesson. (17:16)

  • 2.6: Our thoughts on grading versus feedback. (18:33)

  • 2.7: What do you do when you hit a creative wall? (19:30)

  • 2.8: The Chelan workshop (19:30)

  • 2.9: Watch other people work (19:30)

  • 2.10: When your lesson bombs (20:55)

  • Upcoming stuff (22:07)


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Music credits:

Song: Two Men From New Jersey Artist: We Is Shore Dedicated  Site: www.freemusicarchive.org