Episode 2.8: It’s Our Podcast, I Can Do Whatever The Heck I Want

Last week, in the Project Based Awesome Podcast, Erin and Chris talked what you can do as a teacher when you’ve hit a creative wall.


This week they discuss a conference that they attended last weekend. The conference, “Moving Students for Consumers to Creators” was put on by Eduro Learning and led by Jeff Utecht.

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Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal anecdotes (00:55)

  • The Conference: big picture (6:40)

  • Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose (10:40)

  • 21st century skills: Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity (13:54)

  • Teacher as creator of learning experiences (17:00)

  • The creative process (20:35)

  • Bubble catchers (20:37)

  • Reinforced my belief that “the struggle is real for Ss” and it’s a good thing (26:28)

  • The tie back to PBA (29:53)

  • Look forward to an upcoming podcast with Jeff as a special guest. (31:48)

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