Episode 2.6: I Also Have An Apathy Group Sitting Over There In The Corner

Last week, in the Project Based Awesome Podcast, Erin and Chris talk about  a learning moment Erin had

This week, Erin and Chris discuss our thoughts on grading versus feedback and how these two things differ and relate to the Project Based Awesome ideals. They talk about how many time grading is used as a kind of a post-mortem - the end result after the learning has happened. Whereas feedback can be much more beneficial for both students learning and the teachers' growth and ability to adjust their teaching based on what the students need.

Erin and Chris discuss how feedback should be ongoing, constructive, and specific. They discuss some specific techniques and tools that can be used for feedback ranging from a simple personal check-in by the teacher to the use of digital tools.


Until next time...peace.

Some things Erin and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Personal anecdotes (00:26)

  • An update on Erin’s instructional pivot (4:50)

  • Grades vs. feedback (7:26)

  • Ongoing, constructive, specific feedback: (12:00)

  • Mark Barnes’ SE2R Framework (13:22)

  • Ways to give feedback (16:15)

  • Digital tools (18:08)

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Mark Barnes’ SE2R Framework

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