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What We Do


The Podcast

Subscribe to the podcast for Chris and Erin's musings on all things education - from big-picture stuff to the nitty-gritty of designing a unit in your classroom.

The Blog

Do you need some real talk when it comes to your classroom? Look - we know how it is. We've been there. We've seen a student throw his Chromebook across the room (well, Erin has seen that. It wasn't pretty). Visit the blog for weekly posts on topics that matter to you.

The E-Book

*Update 2/18/18* Available now: PBA: A Crash Course. Chris and Erin's first e-book, all about the how-tos of Project Based Awesome instructional design. This is the DIY manual. The secret sauce. The rubber meeting the road. We're excited. 


Holy cow! Chris is available to come to your school and work with you and your staff! Isn't that awesome? Use the Contact Us form to get in touch and work out some deets.

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